Music: a cause for arrest in Iran

A young man is in a Tehran park with two friends. Let us call him Nader. Nader and his friends are relaxing and listening to music on a personal device, minding their own business.

Suddenly the police appear and begin questioning them, rifling through their bags and searching them. The three young men are roughly informed that the music is illegal, and their music player is confiscated before the group is threatened with a trip to the police station. When Nader gets back home and describes the incident to his father and mother, they are all frightened.

Sadly, this kind of occurrence is not rare in Iran. Citizens are regularly threatened by police, or even taken in and given a formal warning for small immaterial details of their lives which are seen as moral transgressions. Listening to the ‘wrong’ kind of music, wearing unapproved clothing, women not covering their heads properly or wearing too much makeup; all these supposed misdemeanors can lead to a brush with the police.

With the Iranian government trying to infiltrate and control every aspect of life, no wonder Iranian society is increasingly disillusioned with their government and seeking an alternative mindset to Islam.

Pray for:
• The emotional wounds inflicted by the government to be healed
• More people to turn to Christ as Iranian society is increasingly disillusioned
• Young people like Nader to become passionate carriers of the good news


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