Muslim Converts Filling Europe’s Christian Churches

Just as we expected… or prayed with expectation! The exodus of Muslims from Africa and the Middle East into Europe has brought an astonishing result. Instead of Islam spreading rapidly in Europe, Christianity is gaining strength! And, it is the Muslim refugees who are recognizing the light, not the Europeans. Many converts come from the 10/40 Window nations of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Their sense of homelessness is not only geographical, it is spiritual,” Matthew Kaemingk, a professor at the Fuller Theological Seminary in Seattle, told Fox News. “Churches who offer these Muslims real and meaningful hospitality are seeing some surprising results.”

 According to the Gospel Herald, the refugees’ reasons for converting are varied. Among them are that their previous repressive governments wouldn’t allow conversions and that they have gained a genuine hunger to know more of Jesus.

But in any case, former Muslims are now filling otherwise empty European church pews. There is an increase of conversions in various Christian denominations, including Protestants and Evangelicals. Churches in the German cities, where they received 900,000 refugees, were faced with so many asylum seekers wanting to convert, reports Fox News, that they are holding baptisms in municipal swimming pools!

  • PRAISE God that He is drawing those who have cried out from the depths of pain and deception (The Bible, Psalm 34:17.)

  • PRAY that the refugees searching for an understanding about Jesus will be led to through the right doors and to the right people (The Bible, Jeremiah 29:13.)

  • PRAY that the churches receiving this tidal wave of seekers will surrender to the Holy Spirit’s guidance (The Bible, Psalm 23:5-7.)

  • PRAY that, as their churches are swelling, the secular Europeans will also be compelled to know Jesus as well (The Bible, Isaiah 63:17-18.)


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