Muslim converts to Christianity is growing

With the influx of hundreds of thousands of Muslims into Europe, thousands are coming to Christ in all the nations in Europe. The tide is “coming in”.

Till the 5th century, Europe was divided into Western Europe, which was seen as civilized, and east of the Danube river were the barbarians. Since the 5th century, the “barbarians” crossed the Danube and many people thought it was the end of civilization. But then these “barbarians” heard the gospel and accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour.

We see the beginnings of this in Europe. As Muslims flood into Europe, two things are happening right now:

  • The church is coming out of its slumber and deadness and takes up its responsibility, and
  • Muslims are coming to Christ in Western Europe in increasing numbers.

1. For a continued awakening of the church and courage to reach out to Muslims.
2. For Muslims to find Jesus in many ways and for leaders to help establish churches with Muslim Background Believers.



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