Muslims in Ramadan 10

The rise of the Taliban in the 1990’s seriously impacted a woman’s right to education. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Taliban forced professional women to give up their jobs, and girls were prohibited from attending school. A general edict was issued stating that Muslims girls need not learn to write, the ability to read was sufficient. In September 2006, UNESCO recorded startling statistics in their study of Adult Literacy Rates and Illiterate Population by Country/Gender. In Egypt, only 59.4% of women were considered literate, with numbers getting lower and lower down the list of Middle Eastern countries: Morocco, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen. UNESCO reported that in some places, the gap between literate males and females was found to be as high as 90%.

PRAY: Pray for the efforts to build schools for girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pray for the protection for girls attending school in locations where they can be harassed or threatened. Pray also for the protection of those who advocate on behalf of women’s education in Muslim nations, and that they might have the courage and opportunities needed to promote their cause. Never cease praying for the salvation of women and children and that they are open and receptive to the gospel, whether broadcasted or shared personally with them.

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