Muslims in Ramadan 13

The Middle East has one of the highest mobile telephone penetration rates in the world, with about 40% of mobile phones in use being ‘smart phones’. According to an Iranian online research panel, an estimated 58% of Iranians use Facebook, despite censorship blocks. A further 25million mobile customers in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait can also now access Wikipedia free of charge. (Keep in mind, however, that countries like China and Bahrain actively spy on their people’s Internet activities. Many Internet users have so been arrested so). Statistics suggest that many young people in Africa will never learn to use a computer but are very eager to own a mobile phone and will use it until it literally falls apart.

PRAY: Pray that Christians would find opportunities to make contact with Muslims via mobile devices and sow seeds of the gospel. Pray for meaningful long-term friendships to be established (beyond the contact stage) and reach Muslims with Christ’s message of faith, hope and love. Ask the Lord if He wills that you become an online-missionary, sharing the gospel with someone in the Middle-East online.

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