Muslims in Ramadan 14

Damascus is the oldest inhabited city of the world. It has suffered many invasions and the horror that accompanies them. Influenced by major uprisings that began elsewhere in the region, antigovernment uprisings broke out across Syrian cities. Estimates in late 2012 suggested more than 40,000 people had been killed in the Syrian uprising. Thousands more have since died. Christians have been slaughtered by the thousands, targeted and hunted by freedom fighters – the Wahabbis, Al-Qaida, and others from abroad.

PRAY: Pray for peace, religious freedom and just rulers. Pray that Christians who have chosen to stay in Syria be protected and used mightily in their witness to their shell-shocked neighbours looking for a new way of life. Pray also that Christians abroad continue to uphold Syria in their prayers and help those suffering in Syria as well as those who have fled and are now refugees. Matthew 25:40 …inasmuch   as   you   did   it   to   one   of   the   least   of   these   My   brethren, you did it to Me. Pray for the salvation of government members and members of Islamic pressure groups.

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