Muslims in Ramadan 14

Befriending Muslims is the best form of outreach

In 2008 a Newcomer Centre was opened in Canada simply to welcome Muslims and give them practical assistance in their new country. Friendships were forged as the newcomers got home-building help, learned English and received child-care, tutoring or help with their homework. Today, baby showers for new moms, soccer camps for boys and girls, and community festivals for the whole family, are but a few more things the Centre does to welcome newcomers. Heart-to-heart connections are made as Muslims begin bonding with their new Christian friends. Some have come to Christ; others are on a journey to surrendering their lives to God.

PRAY: Pray that God would direct believers to meet Muslims are open to the gospel. (Luke10). Many Muslims in North America are shocked when a Westerner greets them. Yet often it is as simple as that to start a life-long friendship! Pray that Christians would testify boldly of their relationship with the Lord Jesus in everyday circumstances.

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