Muslims in Ramadan 17

On the World Watch List, which rates countries by the intensity of persecution endured by Christians, Islamic countries represent nine of the top ten. Access to Jesus in several countries is nearly impossible.
Many Muslims didn’t reject the gospel, they simply never heard it! Muslims still need the freedom to be able to consider Jesus for themselves, and that includes access to the Bible and to living examples of Christian witness. The restrictions imposed by both Islamic governments and Islamic societies need to be lifted.
Can you imagine having no access to Jesus? Can you imagine the millions of Muslims who will face eternity without ever hearing the Good News? Imagine and fall on your face, crying out to God for their access to Jesus.
* Pray for the doors of closed Muslim nations to open. Pray that government restrictions and societal pressures would ease.
* Pray for greater access to Bibles so that more Muslims would have the opportunity to read the Scriptures in their languages.
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