Muslims in Ramadan 16

Joseph’s thoughts were confused: At school he was taught Islam, but at home his father told him about the God of the Bible. Joseph was aching to know which of these two was right and which would lead him to the living God! One summer, a nearby church about 50 km away organized a camp for children. Joseph longed to go, but the camp was that church’s children and Joseph was told he could not join them. The day before camp was to commence one of the camp workers felt moved to allow Joseph to join them after all! Joseph thoroughly enjoyed the camp, but deep in his heart he still was troubled by the question ‘which way is the right way?’ On the last day of camp the worker who had invited Joseph talked to him and Joseph had the opportunity to ask his questions and share his longing to know the truth.

PRAY: Praise the Lord for stories like this! Never become tired of praying because you cannot see what God is doing! Pray for children in Kabyle and throughout Algeria to have an opportunity to hear about Jesus. (Luke 18:16). Pray for believers young in their faith to grow and have the courage to tell others about Jesus. (Mark 9:36-37). Pray that God will protect believers in Algeria from persecution.

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