Muslims in Ramadan 20

Young Omanis are connected through mobile phones and internet messaging. Education is provided by the government for post-secondary education through government and private institutions. “Omanization” is the process of replacing expat workers with qualified Omanis to provide jobs for nationals. This process is becoming more successful as more are educated. Women’s opportunities have improved greatly in the last 10 years, too. People there are proud of the improved position of women in the Sultanate. In 2010, Oman celebrated its first Omani Women’s Day.

To retain the traditional life-style, many young Omanis commute to the cities for work, and raise their families in the villages. Omanis also showcase their traditions and culture in the festivals each year in the Muscat and Salalah areas, as well as in what they wear. The Omani dishdasha worn by men and the abaya worn by women are classic examples of their respect for national identity. Pride, diversity, and development describe the country. The people there love the modernization that is rapidly defining their lives, but at the same time, staying committed to their traditional values and customs.

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