Muslims in Ramadan 21

The Quran mandates the observance of Ramadan. During Ramadan–the ninth month of the Muslim calendar–the nearly 1.6 billion Muslims observe strict fasting from sunrise to sunset the world over. For Muslims, Ramadan is not merely about a change in routine. It is also about keeping ancient rituals–breaking the fast with dates, feeding the poor, and attending evening prayers.

Before the first flush of dawn, many Muslims have a predawn meal. During the rest of the day, they abstain from eating and drinking. This long fast is broken at sunset, when they gather with family and friends for Iftar (the meal eaten by Muslims to break the fast). Many Muslims view Ramadan as a time for purification of their thoughts and motives; a time of freeing the mind in order to make room for devotion toward Allah.

Beside the stipulated prayers there is extended prayer and much time is devoted to the study of the Quran. Many Muslims use this holy month to read the entire Quran. Ramadan is not only about fasting and prayer, it is also about exercising charity. The day long fast fosters empathy for those less fortunate. Many communities organize Iftars for the poor. They collect clothes and raise money to help those among them who are less privileged.

During Ramadan, Christian Believers are urged to fast and pray for Muslims so they will find the Way, the Truth, and the Life-Jesus Christ. Watch this powerful video produced by WIN Pray for Muslims During Ramadan.

Pray for God to reveal Himself to the 1.6 billion Muslims, most of whom live in the 10/40 Window. Pray they experience the love and acceptance of God through Jesus Christ (The Bible, John 3:16).

Pray for Christian Believers to share the Gospel with these devout Muslims. Pray that every Muslim experiences the saving grace of God in Jesus Christ (The Bible, Hebrews 4:16).


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