Muslims in Ramadan 6

Many Muslims haven’t rejected the gospel they simply have never heard it! In his book entitled The Insanity of God, Nik Ripkin tells the story of Pramana, a believer with a Muslim background. Before coming to Christ, Pramana felt his life was in ruins. On the instruction of a local Imam, Pramana began to fast, seeking answers to his problems. On the third day he heard a voice saying to him, ‘Find Jesus; find the gospel.’ Being in a restrictive Muslim country, Pramana had never heard of Jesus, to him Jesus could have been a fruit, a rock or a tree! The voice continued to give him instructions on how to find Jesus. Following the voice’s instruction, Pramana walked all night to a city he’d never been to before. His journey led him to the home of a believer, one of only three believers in his people group of 24 million! This man shared the gospel with Pramana and he became a follower of Christ that very day!

PRAY: Praise the Lord for testimonies like these! Today, pray for those who have never heard the gospel in Islamic countries. Pray that they will receive Christian radio waves and television broadcasting supernaturally, or to have dreams and visions of Jesus and even angels that will bring the complete Bible translated into their own language! Praise God for His reaching Muslims in miraculous ways, as he did for Pramana! Pray that He would strengthen Christians in Muslim nations and enable them to remain in their home countries. (Matthew 5:9-16).


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