Muslims in Ramadan 8

Indonesian workers today are the most common domestic labourers in Taiwan and Hong Kong. According to September 2012 statistics, they number 155,000 in Taiwan and 151,000 in Hong Kong. Many of them work for Christian employers. Foreign labourers gathering on weekends are a common sight in Taipei and cities like Taoyuan and Taichung. They gather in groups in stations, parks, and along sidewalks. Often they attract frowns from passers-by, but rarely does anyone offer them alternative meeting places. Several Hong Kong churches care and minister to those they call ‘TKI’ (Tenaga Kerja Indonesia), meaning Indonesian Domestic Helpers. They have set up TKI worship/fellowship centers and TKI boarding houses and Care-centers offering language and computer courses, Internet studies and social programmes. In Taiwan, however, only a few churches and Christian organizations are reaching out to Indonesian workers.

PRAY: Pray for Taiwanese churches to start TKI centres such as those in Hong Kong. Pray that churches and Christians in Taiwan have a kingdom vision and learn more about the culture of their long-term domestic workers and reach out to them in love. Pray that churches work together with agencies to establish a long-term strategies to help and care for foreign labourers, and to evangelize and disciple them.

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