Muslims in Ramdan 7

Folk Islam mixes animistic practices (such as wearing or keeping blessed amulets) with orthodox Islam. Many Muslims practise some form of Folk Islam. Often, they are terrified of spirits and perform appeasing ceremonies. One common Indonesian ceremony involves sacrificing a chicken before building a house. The chicken’s head, feet, and wings are buried under the foundation of the house, with its head facing east, surrounded by rice and spices. The chicken’s blood is sprinkled on the foundation stones and a coin is placed under each cornerstone. Only once this has been done, can the house can be built. Another aspect of Folk Islam is pilgrimage to ‘places of power’. Such places include tombs where specific rituals are performed, portions of the Qur’an chanted, and the dead mentioned by name. Pilgrims carry water from a nearby building and pour it on the grave and cast petals at the grave’s doors believing that the water and petals will absorb saintly blessings. They then take the water and petals back to their homes. When someone falls ill, they drink the water to get well. Flower petals are put into bath water to cleanse a person’s soul.

PRAY: Pray for those practicing Folk Islam to have a personal revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many Muslims still struggle with fear despite all their attempts through Folk Islam to be free of it. Pray that Muslims be released from these strongholds. (Matthew 8:16, 10:1; Mark 5:2-13; Acts 16:16-18). Never stop praying for God to send workers into the harvest, for the souls of the unsaved to find Christ.

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