Myanmar: Children sold into the sex trade

Burma is one of the leading countries of child labor in the world. Forced child labor in Myanmar is everything from factories to human trafficking. The police in Myanmar force children into the military by saying that if they do not have an ID they will either have to go to jail or work in the military. Children who are forced to work in the military usually are too young to even have ID’s and are usually walking home or just getting onto a bus. “Children are forced to serve as porters in areas, in which beatings and other mistreatment occur”, (Burma UN Service Office-New York & Human Rights Documentation Unit National Conviction Government of the Union of Burma).

“Human dignity” seems to have no found place in Burma, as other places around the world. A young girl at just age 6 was sent to a brothel in Somali. An article on her story said that “Srey Pov’s family sold her to a brothel when she was 6 year old. She was unaware of sex but soon found out: A western pedophile purchased her virginity…the brothel tied her naked and spread-eagled on a bed so that he could rape her”, (New York Times, Nicholas). From this evidence the brothel will do anything to keep the prisoners from getting away. Srey Pov and so many other girls in Burma have the same sad story.

Girls in Burma are sent to Thailand to supply their vast sex trade. Girls are often tricked into working at these jobs-brothels. Girls are sent to Vientiane, Laos; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Beijing, China. Girls are forced to work at brothels but are under-paid or a lot of times not even paid at all.

As long as the evil of child labour, and the sex trade as one of the main forms of that, thrives the roots of evil in the country grow deeper. Pray for a breakthrough, both legally and in the spiritual domain. And pray for advocates on behalf of these children. And pray that those abusers from other countries might be stopped from exploiting these children.

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