National dialogue begins: Yemen

After the revolution and the election of a new government, the people of Yemen were promised a national dialogue to determine the future shape of the nation. That dialogue began yesterday. This is not only an historic moment in this nation, but an important time for Yemen and its future.

According to the President, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, the talks will form the basis of a new unified, safe and free Yemen. But, there are many parties that are boycotting the talks. Several factions of a southern movement for separation refuse to be involved. The Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist, Tawakul Karman, is also boycotting the dialogue in protest at the presence of officials who served under Mr Saleh during his 33 years in power: “I will not participate in the dialogue, due to the obvious imbalance in the representation of the youths, women and civil society groups and the participation of people who have the blood of the revolution youth on their hands,” she told AFP.

The national unity government has been criticised by a number of civil society figures for not having restructured the security forces, released detainees and investigated the killing of opposition protesters during the uprising, as required by the UN-backed power-sharing agreement.

It is difficult to see success for a safe and free Yemen as a result of these talks. The nation needs a visit from God to bring real freedom and safety. Let’s pray for this nation and these talks, for God’s work for his glory in that land.

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