With the majority of its people claiming Hinduism, Nepal stood as the world’s only official Hindu nation. Although freedom of religion was enacted in 2006, the majority of Nepalese remain Hindu. Numbers have diminished as the Christian population has grown. This change is credited to Maoist rebels, who fought the monarchy for a decade. After violence, the Maoist party participated in national elections and won. They have yet to establish a constitution. The prime minister has vowed that minority rights are fundamental to democracy, and will be in the constitution. Human trafficking remains a problem, having increased 60% over the past 18 months.

The Nepalese Church is thriving and growing. Operation World reports the Church is “growing in numbers, diversity, and maturity.” Praise God for the health and vibrancy of the Church in Nepal (The Bible, Matthew 5:6).

Due to increased pressure from India, the Nepalese government is considering adding anti-conversion laws to the constitution. According to Patrick Klein with Vision Beyond Borders, “They’re trying to push these anti-conversion laws because the Church is growing very fast in Nepal. People are seeing that Hinduism does not work and is not the Truth.” Pray that the Nepalese government will not succumb to pressure to create anti-conversion laws. Pray for many Nepalese to turn from Hinduism to a saving belief in Jesus Christ (The Bible, John 14:6).
Severe flooding caused 300 deaths and displaced more than 22,000 people. According to Mission Network News, recent floods have devastated the area. The majority of the flood victims lived in extreme poverty. They now have nothing. Ask God to meet the many needs of the displaced Nepalese (The Bible, Psalm 40:17).
Many Nepalese view Christianity as a Western religion that threatens traditional culture and values. Ask the Holy Spirit to open their hearts and minds to the Truth of Jesus Christ (The Bible, John 17:17 ESV).

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