Nepal’s Christians Nervous About Constitution Delays

As Nepal struggles to respond to the massive earthquake and aftershocks that have left thousands dead, it is still overcoming the legacy of its 10-year Maoist insurgency and the final abolition of its monarchy in 2008.

The Hindu-majority country is yet to establish its new Constitution, a key part of the deal with the Maoists at the end of its civil war. The deadline for the Constitution was 29th May this year, but, according to a leader of one of the ruling parties, that is now unlikely to be met and it may be at least another year away from completion.

These delays will be a disappointment to the country’s Christians and other minority religions, who are hopeful that the new constitution will guarantee them equal rights and religious freedoms. However, as political parties fail to agree what it will contain, Christians, who have suffered persecution and inequality for decades, are uncertain about their future.


Christianity is not recognised by the government as legitimate religion in Nepal. a situation that gives rise to problems, such as not being able to openly practice their faith, having no place to bury their dead and having no legal identity for their churches.

Christians are hoping and praying for the best amidst the delays in the new constitution, but they are also prepared for the worst and to carry on regardless.

As one Christian leader explained, “As Christians, we are always prepared to work and live our faith under any circumstances. So hindrances, difficulties, obstacles do not hinder Christians from living their … faith and … sharing their faith.”

  • Pray for the Government of Nepal, to see the Constitution as a priority and within that, to recognise Christianity as legal and  good for their country.
  • Pray for Christians in Nepal to continue to have hope for their future and to be in unity in praying for their country.
  • Pray for the open doors for the Gospel in Nepal, and for many to come to know the Hope and Life offered through Jesus Christ.

Romans 1 vs 16: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes”



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