New Afghan Cabinet Nominated

After more than 3 months of attempting to establish a working and viable government, the Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani has finally nominated his new government ministers to make up the cabinet.

Reuters news agency reports that the cabinet make-up reflects the two rival camps and contains “prominent ethnic and regional power-brokers” and includes three women. It is also made up of mostly young ministers, most of whom have not had any involvement in the years of war and violence in Afghanistan.

The new cabinet still has to be approved by parliament and there is no date set for this to happen as yet.

This is a significant step forward in establishing a government in Afghanistan, where there have been fears that the lack of progress in this would lead to the government falling apart.

  • Pray for Afghanistan as it is at a significant crossroad in it’s government.
  • Pray for the president and the new government to be able to work together peacefully and also with integrity and  honesty.
  • For the new cabinet to be speedily approved by parliament.
  • For the ongoing issues of security and violence that still plague this country. Pray for peace in the streets and homes of Afghanistan.
  • For the Christians who are isolated and often alone in their faith, to continue to have courage and to know God’s peace and loving arms around them. And that there will come a freedom for Christians to worship openly and without fear.

Source: BBC World News.

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