New thinking patterns for Muslims

Is it just the education system or is it at the heart of how the religion impacts the way people think? When your thinking patterns are based on a rote learning system, and when your religion teaches you to do something because it believes the prophet Muhammad did it when he lived, the way your mind acts can be closed to the new and fail to question the possible and impossible.

An intelligent young woman told how it was wrong to drink water quickly, that you had to take three sips first so you could line the stomach with it before drinking more. When asked why, she said that was what the prophet did.

During the golden age of Islam there was a great deal of development in thought and its impact on life. With the end of that age thinking became closed to innovation and new ideas.

Pray for breakthroughs in the thinking of Muslims, for an opening of minds and hearts through the miraculous intervention of God in revealing himself.

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