North Africa Nation

The Love This Nation continues – here is news to help you keep praying:

Here is an update for the period 10-12 Dec:

Chats: 13

Calls: 14

Missed calls: 13

Unique contacts: 28

Whatsapp msgs: 10

Some calls are missed due to bad connection or calling in late hours at night. Many chats are just “Hello, who are you” and then they’re gone. We send everyone a link to our website & FB group.

Pray for:

– A who is very open & agreed to start some Bible study with us online…. May the Lord protect the seed sown & make it grow

– #471 preached to us Islam in a 20 min call…. He is so zealous for his faith but not rude & aggressive. We had a chance also to invite him to seek what others believe…..

– Continue praying for A (from update 1). His Dad is much better but A still sees that their prophet is the way to God….. Yet he contacts us almost every day…

– # 695 & his friend called on viber …. There was a chance to share the msg of the cross…. they argued but also listened

– Ah is a Syrian living in the country…… He asked prayer for his country & situation… He asked for a link to know more about the NT & Christianity…. He seems open

-# 6078 cursing & calling us bad names on whatsapp

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