North African Country

Here is a further report for prayer on this love campaign for this North African nation.

Here is an update for the period 13-15 Dec:


Chats/ msgs: 9

Calls: 6

Missed calls: 10

Unique contacts: 20


Whatsapp msgs: 16



Pray for:

– Continue praying for A who was mentioned in update 3. He continues to ask questions & searches seriously in our website. Unfortunately he has no viber & we are on whatsapp. We ae trying to communicate Bible lessons via email.

– K (whjatapp) says “I know a lot about Christ & want to enter Chr…ity” ………

– S is Lib-Tun & says he knew about J from an Egyptian colleague at university in egypt….. He even went to Church in Egypt. He wants to know more & to receive a copy of NT & wants a Christian wife.

– A (from 1st update) continues to send messages…. he’s neither for nor against…. he shares quotations about goodness of Isla…. We believe that the fact he continues to be in touch with us is very positive & shows indirect interest & need for the Lord.

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