North Korea: Christianity grows despite persecution

For the 12th year in a row, North Korea tops the Open Doors USA World Watch List as the worst place in a world to be a Christian. Hope remains in this abyss for one simple reason: the Gospel is gaining ground despite persecution.

The people of North Korea are forced to worship their nation’s ruling family, the Kims. When discovered by the authorities, Christ-followers are put in gulags and subject to unspeakable horrors. Decades of extreme persecution and brutality have made evangelism next-to-impossible, but a Remnant Church is standing firm.

It’s illegal to leave North Korea without permission from the government, but some are willing to risk it all to find a better life in China.

“It is beyond explanation why a government would intentionally allow a major percentage of her people to starve, when the country could feed its own if they wanted,” says a Christian Aid spokesperson. “Most live on the verge of starvation all of their lives, eating whatever they can scavenge from nature around them.

“Faced with constant deprivation and the boot of an inhumane government, desperate people will do anything to seek food and freedom.”

Pray for the Church in this desperately chaotic nation; pray for righteousness and justice to be born through the witness and prayers of God’s people around the world.


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