North Korea: the risk of being a Christian

Believers in North Korea risk their lives to follow Christ. Being found with a Bible can get you killed. North Korea has one of the world’s most repressive regimes, a place where freedoms of association and worship – even thought – are non-existent.

National life revolves around the cult worship of dictator Kim Jong Il and his late father,
Kim Il Sung. Having a religious faith – and recognising a greater authority – is considered highly subversive.

So Christians are forced to hide their faith. Those who are caught are sent to concentration camps as ‘dissidents’ and are subjected to brutal treatment.

Thousands of North Koreans have escaped to China but here too they live in hiding because of China’s insistence on repatriating defectors. Even those who reach safety in countries such as South Korea often struggle to adjust to life outside their homeland.


Pray for all Christians held in North Korea’s notorious concentration camps. Prisoners endure brutal treatment in appalling conditions.



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