North Korea

North Korea tops the country list each year as the worst persecutor of Christians. If discovered, North Korea believers are arrested, tortured, and killed for their faith.

Thirty-three-year-old Kim Eun Jin is among the fewChristians who have escaped the country to tell about their experience.

“We met every Saturday evening. My family gathered in the back room of our small apartment. We had to be very quiet,” Jin recalled.

“We whispered when we prayed, sang songs or read the Bible. We often covered our heads to muffle the noise,” he said.

But soon the authorities discovered that her father was a secret believer.

“My father was a tailor in town and the police suspected something was going on. We believe they planted listening devices in his shop and on his clothes,” Jin said.

In 1994 police raided the family’s secret house church. They arrested Kim’s father and her uncle. Both men probably ended up in one of the six labor camps dotting North Korea.

If believers are released from prison they face additional hardships.

“That becomes the hardest time in their Christian life because they are back in the grind of life and not only that, they are tracked, they are traced, their relatives are watched, their phone calls are monitored.”


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