Pakistan: devastating floods

Trouble seems to come in a different form every week for Pakistan. These past days have seen parts of the country devastated by floods, leaving many without homes that have collapsed due to the heavy rain. Others have suffered loss of livelihood as lands are under water, and crops damaged, small shops washed away, vehicles damaged, roads and infrastructure damaged. the Sindh and Punjab provinces are expected to face more severe flooding in the coming days.

So far, 103 people have died in the eastern province of Punjab from the collapse of houses, flooding and electrocution, said Ali Imam Syed, a senior official in the province’s rescue agency. He said more than 5,000 people had been rescued since Thursday, adding that three soldiers had gone missing during the rescue operation.

Pakistan regularly suffers from flooding during the monsoon season. In 2010, flash floods killed 1,700 people. In 2013, 178 people were killed and around 1.5 million affected by flooding.

Pray for this nation as it battles the impact of this natural disaster, may God in his mercy cause the nation to come together around this event and bring a new commitment to each other. Pray for the government and its response, for those who have suffered loss and for the provision of the basic needs that many people have.

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