Pakistan: sinking in crisis?

Pakistan is in crisis – a new crisis, or revisiting a long-term crisis. Rigging of elections is nothing new in the country, but now certain political figures have decided to fight the government on the issue. The problem is that they are not clean either.

The ‘long march’ defended on Islamabad a week ago and has slowly been edging further and further into the city, shutting down its ability to function as the centre of government. So far violence has been limited. New calls by Imran Khan, leader of one part of the protest, may see other cities in the country become embroiled in the issues.

Will this result in another military coup? So far the army has declined to mediate between the government and opposition parties, calling on them to resolve the crisis through talks.

Meanwhile, the economy slides further downhill, increasing the suffering of the poor. Extremist elements find a vacuum in which they can increase their operations. The functions of state are crippled so that life in the country grinds towards a halt. Hope for a future seems to be a mist that is burning up in the heat of crisis.

Pray for:

  • Wise leaders who can work with all sides to find a resolution that will move the country towards stability
  • Protection of the vulnerable in this time of crisis
  • Evil will be stopped from using this crisis to exacerbate the problems
  • The Church and its leaders will become a voice for reconciliation
  • Disillusionment will cause many to seek for something different and they will find Christ
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