Pakistan: struggling in chaos

The government in Pakistan, under Nawaz Sharif, has made a number of overtures to the Taliban. The country has been descending rapidly in deeper and deeper chaos. Political violence has been spirally out of control, with militant Islamic groups looking for ways to gain control and exert their form of law, life and rule. Military action, burying their head in the sand, increased controls of public space, and now talks for peace with the Taliban have all been tried.

The militants, who are fighting for their austere version of Sharia law across Pakistan, have repeatedly rejected the country’s constitution. Some in Pakistan are worried the talks will only allow the militants time to gain strength and regroup. Previous deals and attempts to engage the Pakistani Taliban in dialogue have all failed.

At what cost might these latest efforts by the government at forging peace come? But for a nation torn apart and paralyzed by ongoing violence peace at any cost can seem appealing. And the world that watches on is more concerned about its own survival in the face of radical Islam than the needs of the people of Pakistan.

Ask God for a word from his Word that he would have you pray for this nation at this time. And pray this regularly believing and asking God to do more than we can ask or think.

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