Pakistan: Violence destroying lives and society

On Sunday there was a blast at the Wagah border crossing with India. This popular attraction, where people watch the lowering of the flag parade each day, is the land crossing into India. Two militant groups have claimed responsibility for the blast which killed more than 35 people, and left many more injured.

Pakistan is struggling to contain outbreaks for violence in different areas of the country. groups who want certain forms of rule under Shari’a law to govern the country are seeking every way possible to force change. The government is fighting a battle in remote areas of the country to rid it of such elements, and this is creating huge tensions.

The government is often seen to be acting at the beck and call of foreign powers who rage against Islamic rule. No matter who is in power, they face an inevitable and seeming impossible task.

Pakistanis across the nation are hurting in the face of this latest incident of violence. This is an opportunity for the Church worldwide to stand with this nation and pray God’s mercy on its people. The Church in Pakistan walks a fine line that allows it to operate openly, but it needs strength and courage to not only survive, but thrive as the people of God in the midst of pressures. Pray for the Church to live boldly, and be a minister of reconciliation in these days of conflict and tension.

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