Pakistani Christians Suffer as Refugees.

Pakistan is predominantly a Muslim country with 97 percent of its population adhering to Islam and the religious minorities making just a fraction of the population with varying estimates at a few percent of the total population.


The Constitution of country has guaranteed full rights and protection to all its citizens. The founder of the country, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, apparently promised freedom for other religious minorities in his address to the Constituent Assembly on August 11, 1947, and Christians, along with other religious minorities, agreed to and believed in his promise.

However, unfortunately, these safeguards did not come true and Pakistan is now not known as a responsible democracy. Recently, many banned organisations have been openly speaking against rival sects and other religions, and this has resulted in the killings of many innocent people from religious minorities.

In recent years, attacks against religious minorities have increased. The suffering of minorities in the country has been made worse by a sense of deprivation among the locals and a political system that is unable to achieve sustainable peace and stability.

As a result of all this, many Christian families and Hindus have fled to other countries seeking protection, but unfortunately Pakistani Christians are not being welcomed as refugees.

Recently, Samina, a Christian woman who fled Karachi and sought refuge in Thailand, died after she was arrested and detained in horrific conditions when her visa expired.

Most Pakistani Christian asylum seekers have been given that status by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHCR) but, because Thailand refuses to sign the relevant Refugee Protocols that most other nations have, it does not recognise that status and treats such Pakistani Christians as illegal immigrants.

As a result, thousands of Pakistani Christians are either in prisons or hiding in places and if found are badly treated. Sources have confirmed that there are more than 200 people still in lock ups in Thailand, and many more are living miserable lives, fearing arrest at any time.

  • Pray for Pakistani Christians who fear for their lives in Pakistan, but face brutal conditions as refugees in places like Thailand.
  • Pray for governments around the world to recognise Pakistani Christians as genuine asylum seekers and to welcome them into their countries.
  • Pray for Christians in Pakistan, for protection on them and their families.
  • Pray for the Pakistan Government to recognise the constitution and allow freedom of worship and belief without fear for all people.
  • Pray for peace and stability in Pakistan.

Psalm 10 vs 12: “Rise up, O Lord; O God, lift up your hand; do not forget the oppressed.”






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