Peace Deal Signed in Libya

A UN-backed deal to form a unity government in Libya has been signed by Libya’s two rival factions at a ceremony in Morocco.

Chants of “Libya, Libya” erupted as representatives from both parliaments signed the accord on Thursday in Skhirat, just south of the Moroccan capital Rabat.

The peace deal envisages a national unity government and an end to fighting between forces loyal to the two competing parliaments.

However, according to observers, even if the pact is eventually signed, powerful armed groups on the ground are unlikely to comply with it because they see as it as biased and as harming their interests.

Libya’s rivals are mainly split between the General National Congress, based in the capital Tripoli, and the internationally recognised House of Representatives, based further east in Tobruk.

Libya has been locked in conflict for over four years, since a NATO-backed revolt that overthrew long-time leader Muammar Gaddafi. The resulting civil war has seen the emergence of numerous armed groups, forcing several countries to evacuate their citizens and diplomats.

It is hoped the long-delayed peace agreement will bring an end to the years of chaos and destruction in this war ravaged nation.

  • Pray for Libya at this critical time. Pray for the implementation of the peace agreement, that all factions will agree to it and seek to bring a peace to this troubles nation.
  • Pray for the political vacuum in Libya to be filled with Godly people who will genuinely seek the good of the Libyan people.
  • Pray for Christians in Libya, who face ongoing persecution and difficulties, especially as ISIL have infiltrated the country. Pray for the new government to seek to protect Christians and to allow freedom of worship without fear.
  • Pray for hope and healing for the people of Libya, that many will come to hear the Gospel of Jesus and find life and hope in His name.

Isaiah 32 vs 18: “My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting-places.”





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