Peace in Syria

Today, April 11, 2014, Christians are joining together for a day of prayer for peace in Syria, a peace that cannot be won by UN negotiators but can only be found in Jesus Christ.

Please join in on this prayer event. More details can be found at:

The conflict in Syria between government forces and rebel groups has entered its fourth year, with no peaceful resolution in sight. While UN negotiators sit around a table in Geneva trying to find a solution, millions are suffering, fleeing or dying.

Syrian Christians still believe that Jesus is the only hope for peace in their nation, and they are asking for the worldwide Body of Christ to stand with them in prayer.

To this end, INcontext is joining with Syrian believers to invite people to participate in a global day of prayer on 11 April 2014. Wherever you are, please stand with us!

CryOut to the Father

  • For all the people of Syria, who are determined to survive despite the terror
  • That God will bring peace back to the country and to the hearts of people
  • For the Syrian children and all those who are tortured and killed every day
  • For Syrian Christians to be steadfast in their faith
  • For the Church to fulfill her role of bringing unity, reconciliation and mutual respect, in order to give people hope and to help them live together in safetySource: International Prayer Council

Source: INcontext

The message will be closed after 20 s