Peace in Syria

The media appears to side with the opposition in the civil war that has engulfed Syria. This war, which is largely being fought along the internal Muslim divide of Sunni versus Alawite, is complex in its understanding. There is no doubt the people wanted greater freedom and the benefits of certain developments within the country, and the initial protest voice called for changes to this affect. The singular message of western political forces and the media is that President Bashar al-Assad must go.

For Christians in Syria the issue is not so clear. They have enjoyed certain freedoms under this present government that they fear will be eroded quickly if the Sunni majority take power. And it seems most likely that they will face increased restrictions and a most militant voice opposed to their existence. As we pray for peace for the nation we should not forget to pray for the building up of the church, its strengthening for whatever lies ahead for it.

This short video helps us focus our prayers on this nation.

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