Pray for Peace in Ukraine

Whilst it may not officially be a country where Interserve works, there is a great need for prayer for the Ukraine, after 10 months of fighting.  The current cease-fire, negotiated last week, is barely holding, and, if the conflict in Eastern Ukraine was to escalate, there would be far reaching ramifications, well beyond the borders of Ukraine.

On Monday, a ceasefire supposedly came into force, negotiated by France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. However, ths ceasefire document has not actually been signed by any of the forces involved, and Russian backed rebels are refusing to acknowledge that it includes the city of Debaltseve, saying that “as they had Debaltseve entirely surrounded it should be considered inside their territory and not be covered by the frontline ceasefire.”

The United Nations  have said that they “are particularly concerned” about thousands of civilians trapped in Debaltseve “struggling to get food, water and other basic necessities”. They also put the total number of people killed since the start of Ukraine’s conflict in April last year at more than 5,660.

  • Pray for the country of Ukraine, for peace, and for all sides to respect the ceasefire and be willing to negotiate a more permanent end to hostilities.
  • Pray for the civilians trapped in the middle of the conflict, for safety and for supplies to reach those who need them.
  • Pray for the bigger political power games being played out in the Ukraine, for a desire on all sides to call a halt to the war.
  • Pray for Christians in Ukraine, for courage, hope and faith and to be able to reflect this to their neighbours.

Psalm 67 vs 1 and 2: “May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us, that your way may be known upon earth, your saving power among all nations.”

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