Pray for Sudanese Pastors on Trial

Christians in Sudan have requested continued prayers for Michael Yat (49) and Peter Yen Reith (36), two South Sudanese pastors on trial in Khartoum, who had their latest hearing on 14th July.

egypt-12_nfblIn this hearing, lawyers presented their case for the defence. There were two witnesses, an IT expert and a retired army general.

The pastors have stated that some of the ‘incriminating’ documents allegedly found on their computers are not theirs, and the IT expert testified as to how easy it would have been for someone to plant documents on their computers without their knowledge.

The retired general testified that the documents used as evidence against the pastors are in the public domain and are not related to any military or other state secrets, as had been alleged.

The defence closed its case needing to persuade the judge of the pastors’ innocence under a presumption of their guilt.

The next hearing will be on 23rd July and the verdict is expected during a hearing on 5th August.

Christians in Sudan ask us to pray that:

  • The two pastors, together with their families, will know the Lord’s peace and protection
  • All charges against them will be dropped
  • Church leaders in Sudan will know the Lord’s wisdom in the face of increasing pressures against them
  • All officials involved will seek to have mercy, act justly, come to know about Jesus and choose to follow Him

Psalm 37 vs 28: “For the Lord loves justice; he will not forsake his faithful ones … “


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