Pray for the Church in Vietnam.

Prayer has been requested for a house church in Vietnam that was attacked during Easter celebrations.
A local pastor related what happened:
“I went [to my house church] to have Easter celebration with my church members. But we were persecuted badly by policemen and government officers.
While we were worshipping the Lord, many people, led by a local government officer, came and disturbed us. Then they started beating my church members who were there. Their women attacked our sisters in faith and their men attacked our brothers … four sisters in my church were beaten and injured. Six brothers, including me and another pastor who came to visit us, were beaten. They also damaged our motorbikes. Besides, they threw fish-sauce to our meeting room and the house where we gathered. Fish-sauce was thrown to my church members.
We called the city policeman for help but they refused to come.  So, we really did not know how to leave there safely. But thanks be to God that … the pastor who came to visit us knows some policemen in the central government … So, he called them and asked for help. Finally, some policemen … reluctantly came and therefore, we could leave there safely. However, we realised that some policemen … were [already] there but with face covered when we were attacked …

… The situation is still hard … This is the 4th time within a year [that] our church had to face such strong persecution and hostility.

The Pastor asks that we pray specifically for his church and the church in Vietnam:

  • That God will protect Vietnamese brothers and sisters in Christ and strengthen them.
  • For healing for two ladies in the church are still recovering from their injuries, and for comfort for them and their families.
  • For Church leaders in Vietnam to have wisdom in addressing the issue of persecution with the government.
  • Pray for a move of the Holy Spirit across Vietnam, for a change in heart for the Government to allow freedom of worship for Christians, and for many in this nation to come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 15 vs 30: “I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in earnest prayer to God on my behalf …”


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