Pray for Yemen – the Forgotten Conflict.

The evangelical NGO Tearfund says the situation in Yemen is so dire that it should be ranked alongside the devastating crisis in Iraq and Syria.

“The statistics speak for themselves” says an article on Tearfund’s website. “Over 21 million people urgently need humanitarian assistance – that’s 83% of the population, higher than for Syria (74%). Over 14 million lack safe regular access to food – rising to 19 million for water and sanitation.”

The UN, which is also now categorising Yemen as one of the three most serious situations in the world, along with Iraq and Syria, has detailed the devastating consequences of the violence in Yemen.

They also say, “Those engaged in the conflict are not meeting their basic responsibilities, under international law, to respect, protect, and meet basic needs of the civilian population.”

This is the heart of the problem. Neither side, in what is both a civil war within Yemen, and a proxy war within the wider Middle East, seems to be respecting human rights, with funerals, schools and medical centres all having been targeted over the past 18 months of war.

Meanwhile, the Oxfam has campaigned for an end to hostilities and has described Yemen as being “on the brink of catastrophe”.

  • Pray for Yemen. Pray for peace in this nation, for both sides of the conflict to be willing to talk and also to respect human rights and protect the citizens of this nation.
  • Pray for access to food and medical aid and clean water for the people of Yemen, and for aid convoys to be allowed to access those most in need.
  • Pray for Christians in Yemen, who live with the constant fear of death and persecution. Pray for courage, for perseverance of their faith, and for opportunities and courage to share the hope they have in Christ to those around them.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to move over this troubled nation, for healing, hope and restoration to come as people encounter Jesus Christ in life transforming ways.

Zecharaiah 9 vs 10: “… and the battle-bow shall be cut off, and he shall command peace to the nations; his dominion shall be from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth.”



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