Prayer points for North Korea

  • Praise God for the faith of Christians in North Korea. Pray that they will be able to share the Good News with trusted friends and family.
  • Many North Koreans have never heard the name of Jesus. Pray for the rapid spreading of God’s truth through Bibles, radio and returned refugees.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit might convict the people of North Korea to cease their idolatrous worship of their leaders.
  • Praise God that some humanitarian aid is reaching the country. Pray that it will get to those who need it, and that the Bread of Life will accompany it. Pray for ongoing funds needed and the witness of humanitarian workers.
  • Praise that NK has allowed more tourists into Rason and Pyongyang for economic reasons. Pray that Christian tourists will make a lasting impact on the lives of guides and officials.
  • Pray that more Christians will use resources such as the NK Prayer Bulletinand the Hope for Tomorrow: A Prayer Guide for North Korea to help them pray effectively (write to ).
  • Pray that God would pour down his grace and mercy on those suffering in unbelievably harsh conditions in the prison camps. Pray that God would convict the hearts of prison guards who have been cruel. Pray that non-Christian prisoners would be struck by the faith of Christian prisoners and hunger to know more.
  • Pray that Kim Jung-Un would discover the reality of the true God. Pray that he will care and work for the good of the North Korean citizens. Pray that he will be more open-minded towards reform.
  • Pray that the global church will not neglect the suffering people of North Korea. Pray especially for wisdom for the South Korean church and the Chinese church in outreach and support to Christians in the North.
  • Pray for North Koreans who have defected to SK (around 24,000), and other countries such as US/UK, that they will be treated with mercy and kindness, and experience the love and power of the gospel from Christians. Pray for Christians helping to shelter or rehabilitate defectors.
  • Pray for reunification under a just government that honors God. Pray especially for spiritual unity that will see the Korean people become God’s instruments to bless the nations.
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