Prayer Request for Muslim Background Believer in Myanmar

Open Doors International are asking for prayer for Ali*, a man who recently began following Christ after leaving Islam.


Ali is 31, from Rakhine State, Myanmar, and is from the disadvantaged Rohingya people group. As a Rohingya, he’s denied citizenship and entrenched in poverty, despised for his race and Muslim religion in this Buddhist majority country.

Basically, things have always been difficult for Ali, even before he lost his job for following Jesus.

Ali used to drive a rented tricycle taxi for a living. When the owner of the trike learned about Ali’s new faith, he became so angry that he forbade Ali from renting the trike again. This cut off Ali’s only source of income, and now he’s struggling to put food on the table for his three kids – a boy and two girls.

Ali has a hard road to travel as a Rohingya Christian. On top of the hardship he already faced as a member of a despised people group, he now has to deal with persecution from within the Muslim majority tribe.

  • Pray for Ali and his family. Pray that he will find work and be able to provide food for his family. Pray that losing his job will not cause him to doubt his new found faith.
  • Pray that Ali will find encouragement and spiritual strength as he meets together with other Muslim Background believers in His region.
  • Pray for these MBB’s, for protection, and strength to stand strong in the face of persecution from their tribal group.
  • Pray for the government of Myanmar, as it has promised freedom of religion to all people. Pray that they will recognise the Rohingya people as citizens and as well as allowing Christians in the country to meet together to worship without fear.
  • Pray that, during this time of Ramadan, many Muslims from the Rohingya group will encounter Jesus and come to faith in Him as Saviour and Lord.

Matthew 5 vs 10: “‘Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”


The message will be closed after 20 s