Prayer Request for Sudanese Pastor.

Middle East Concern is requesting prayer on behalf of Sudanese Christians for Pastor Hafez of Bahri Evangelical Church in Khartoum North, and Mohaned Mustafa, the Church’s lawyer, both of whom have been facing trial in Bahri Criminal Court this week.

egypt-12_nfblPastor Hafez and Mohaned were arrested and briefly detained on 1st July 2015 when challenging a government employee who was overseeing the destruction of parts of the church complex. The employee was attempting to destroy a part of the complex that was not within the government order.

Pastor Hafez and Mohaned were both charged with obstructing a public servant in the performance of his duties.

Their trial began on 14th December. Yesterday, (22nd December), the court dismissed the case against Mohaned Mustafa on procedural grounds. They accepted the defence team’s submission that prosecutors had failed to comply with the legal requirement to obtain Bar Association approval for the filing of a criminal case against a lawyer.

The case against Pastor Hafez continues, with the next session scheduled for 23rd December.

Sudanese Christians are delighted that the charges against Mohaned have been dropped, but request on ongoing prayer for the Sudanese Church and its leaders.

  • Pray for Pastor Hafez and his defence team, that they will know the Lord’s wisdom during the ongoing trial and that the charges will be dropped.
  • Pray that there will be no further negative repercussions for Mohaned.
  • Pray for Church leaders in Sudan to know God’s wisdom in the face of intensifying pressures against them.
  • Pray for those detained in Sudan for their faith, that they will know the Comforting arms of God around them and their families, and be released soon.
  • Pray for all officials involved, that they will love mercy, act justly, learn about Jesus and choose to follow Him.

Colossians 4 vs 3: “At the same time pray for us as well that God will open to us a door for the word, that we may declare the mystery of Christ, for which I am in prison.”


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