Prayer Requested for Sudanese Pastors and Churches.

Middle East Concern are requesting prayer for Pastor Kuwa of the Sudan Church of Christ, who, after being released from prison in January of this year, was re-arrested by the Sudan NISS this week, on 24th May.


His case will be dealt with by the prosecutor, along with a case against Pastor Hassan Abduraheem Taour and Abdulmonem Abdumawla Issa Abdumawla, a believer from a Muslim background from the Darfur area. The latter two are expected to face serious charges including espionage and undermining state security.

Pastor Kuwa is one of several pastors from Sudan who have had passports and communications devices confiscated by the NISS and have been requested to report regularly to the NISS offices. They are also being pressured to testify against the others who are due to stand trial.

In addition, since July 2015, Middle East Concern has issued several prayer requests for the Evangelical Church in the Bahri area of Khartoum. Part of the land on which the church and its facilities are located was illegally sold to an investor by a committee instituted by the government. Subsequently part of the compound was demolished by court order.

On Monday 23rd May the authorities informed the church that they planned to demolish further parts of the compound. However, a lawyer has obtained a court order to suspend demolition work until the appeals court has ruled in a case on the legality of the committee that sold the land.

Middle East concern, along with Sudanese Christians are asking for prayer:

  • that the detained church leaders will know the Lord’s strength, comfort and wisdom during their ordeal.
  • for a fair judicial process, and that the charges against them will be dropped.
  • that other church leaders will know the Lord’s peace in the face of the increasing pressure against them, and that intimidation and harassment of Christians will cease.
  • that all officials involved will love mercy, act justly, learn about Jesus and choose to follow Him.

Psalm 146 vs 7 – 8: “He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets prisoners free, the Lord gives sight to the blind, the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down, the Lord loves the righteous.


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