Praying for peace with justice: Afghanistan

Prayer and worship are a key part of seeking God’s justice and peace—in our own lives, and around the world.

  • The people of Afghanistan have struggled with a cycle of conflict and instability for the last 30 years. Lament this brokenness and pray for those working for peace with justice for our neighbours living in Afghanistan.
  • Remember and rejoice in the promise that Christ is coming to make ALL things new — this is a promise for a broken world.
  • In so many years of conflict most ethnic groups in Afghanistan have tasted bitter oppression. Pray for reconciliation to break out among the peoples of Afghanistan.
  • Pray for just governance that respects and cares for the needs of all people in Afghanistan.
  • Agriculture is the livelihood for most of the people of Afghanistan. Pray that the pressures of corruption and the opium poppy economy will be overcome in new development projects among Afghan farmers.
  • Sing songs of justice and peace: Sing songs of beauty and power focusing on our call to be peacemakers. (The Iona Community (Scotland) also has excellent worship resources in the ecumenical justice and peace tradition.)
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