Praying the Lord’s prayer over Nepal

Due to many political hidden agendas and a lack of political consensus mainly on the issue of how to divide the country up into federal states and whether to do this along ethnic lines, Nepal’s Constituent Assembly have failed to draft a new constitution even after repeated extended deadlines totaling a period of four years.

However, the Christian Community of Nepal is looking to God in this time of need and believes that, ‘if we His people, called by His name, humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways and pray in unity with one heart, that God would heal and transform the nation’. Through concentrated prayer, we believe that Nepal can become a nation of righteousness, peace and prosperity.

    1. 1.1  May His name be holy, His Kingdom come and His will be done in Nepal.
    2. 1.2  May all Nepali Churches and Global Christians be able to cry out to our FATHER in Heaven and be united in prayer.
    3. 1.3  May the Church leaders in Nepal be united and be able to continue to embrace and forgive each other in love.
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