Pressed down but not without hope: The Church in Sudan

Hundreds of thousands of Southern Sudanese believers have been forced to leave Sudan (the North) so that the estimated population of Christians in Sudan has dropped from over 30% to under 3% in less than 18 months. It is estimated that more than 200 expatriate Christian workers have also been either departed or forced to leave Sudan, often with little or no notice.

The Government of Sudan is increasingly hostile towards local and expat Christians. Those from the majority background who have chosen to follow Jesus, are facing greater pressure under this strict government regime. Many have been detained and subject to harsh interrogation and torture. Others are in hiding or in the process of emergency relocation outside of Sudan.

This remnant remaining in Sudan need need support and encouragement through prayer. Christian sources said they are increasingly fearful as Muslim extremists pose more threats against Christians in an attempt to rid what they call Dar al Islam, the “Land of Islam,” of Christianity.

North Sudan’s predominantly Arab population has intermingled with several indigenous peoples, leading some other Arab nations to regard it as not “pure Arab,” according to Operation World. Besides striving for an Arab-based ethnic-religious purging in North Sudan, Islamists may also be trying to counter estimated losses among adherents to Islam, with some estimating the Muslim population of the formerly unified Sudan recently dropping to about 55 percent from 61 percent.

Hostilities toward Christians by the Islamic government in Khartoum began to increase last year following a statement by President Omar al-Bashir, when he asserted that his second republic would be based onsharia (Islamic law) and Islamic culture, with Arabic as the official language.

South Sudanese Christians in Sudan have faced increased hostilities due to their ethnic origins – though thousands have little or no ties to South Sudan – as well as their faith. They are extremely vulnerable under the actions of this present regime.

Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy.

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