Promoting the Jesus film in one Arab nation

A campaign began on Monday 7 October to promote the Jesus film to the people of one Arab nation. This is an invitation to pray for each individual who will watch the film, or parts of it over the internet throughout this month. In this nation it is not possible to run public showings of the film, but the internet provides a unique opportunity to encourage people to watch, to share, to ask questions, to follow Jesus.

There are more than 30 people involved in this campaign, with 3 locals among them – the first time this has happened. Most of the 30 don’t know each other. Pray for their protection, for anointing and for grace to hear and respond to what God is doing.

Pray for this nation and its people, God knows. Seek to Lord of the harvest to use this as one of the ways of proclaiming his truth into this nation at this time.

The message will be closed after 20 s