Ramadan 23

Ramadan, which occurs in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is a month-long time of concentrated prayer, good works, and fasting for millions of Muslims around the world. It is the Islamic “holy month.” During Ramadan, Muslims fast from food and water until sundown.

Muslims consider the “Night of Power,” also known as the “Night of Destiny” and the “Night of Value,” the holiest night of the year. It is the anniversary of the night Muslims believe the Prophet Muhammad first received revelations of the Qur’an from the Archangel Gabriel. Traditionally, it occurs on the 27th night of Ramadan. This year, it falls on August 3rd, 2013.

The Qur’an Sura 97:1-4 reads:  We have indeed revealed this message in the Night of Power. And what will explain what the Night of Power is? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. Therein come down the angels and the spirit, by Allah’s permission, on every errand.

On the “Night of Power,” Muslims stay awake all night seeking guidance for the coming year, reciting and studying the Qur’an, professing their faith with hundreds of repetitions, reflecting on their lives, and praying for Allah to grant them specific requests. According to the Prophet Muhammad, “Whoever prays during the Night of Power with faith and hoping for its reward will have all his previous sins forgiven.”

In addition, Muslims believe angels visit the earth on this special night, and Allah is more thoughtful and attentive. Muslims are especially open to visions, divine revelations, and dreams. The overarching theme of the “Night of Power” is the frantic seeking of Allah’s blessing, pardon, and approval.



  • spiritual revival in the Muslim world, resulting in Muslims receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord (The Bible, Psalm 80:19).
  • Muslims to be freed from the bondage of a false, works-based religion (The Bible, John 14:6).
  • the Holy Spirit to open the hearts and minds of Muslims on the “Night of Power” to the Truth of Jesus Christ (The Bible, John 14:26).
  • the Lord to reveal Himself to the Muslim people through dreams and visions (The Bible, Job 33:15).
  • God to bless workers that are serving Muslim communities (The Bible, Romans 10:14-15).
  • Muslims to receive the forgiveness that only Jesus Christ can give (The Bible, 1 John 1:9).

Source: Windows International Network

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