Ramadan 25

Radio   remains   the   one   medium   by   which   deliver   the   gospel   message   can   be   delivered  efficiently,  inexpensively,  and  compellingly  to  the  greatest  percentage   of   the   world’s   population,   regardless   of   their   economic   status,   education   level   or  geographic  location.  For  example,  Christians  in  Central  Asia  are  restricted  in   their   faith   and   foreign   missionaries   have   been   expelled   from   certain   areas,   yet   the   local   Church   continues   to   grow,   in   part   due   to   teachings   via   the   radio.   In   North   Africa,   radios   are   widely   available   and   this   allows   people   in   urban   and   rural  areas,  literate  and  (illiterate)  oral  people  alike,  to  receive  and  understand   programmes  in  their  own  language.

PRAY:     Praise   the   Lord   for   Christian   radio!   Continue   to   pray   for   radio   waves   to   transmit   across   borders   and   go   where   traditional   missionaries   are   not   able   to   and   where   printed   Biblical   material   is   difficult   to   access.   Pray   for   more   ministries   to   take   up   the   challenge   of   Christian   radio   broadcasting.   Pray   also   that  those  who  seek  the  truth  come  to  know  Christ  and  grow  in  Him.

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