Ramadan 26

The Hui people are a Muslim ethnic group in China. One night during Ramadan, a Hui man, Halid, had a dream. This is his story: “In my dream a man came to me and took my hand. I didn’t know who this man was but I knew that he was good. He led me up a hill, but I got tired and pulled my hand away. He waited patiently until I had rested and then, taking my hand again, we continued up the hill. Upon reaching the top of the hill I again tried to pull my hand away from him since we had reached our destination. But he gently, yet firmly, held onto my hand so that I could not get away from him. At that point I woke up.” Halid shared his dream with a friend hoping to understand its meaning. Although his friend was also a Muslim, his answer was astonishing. He said, “Halid, the man in your dream was Jesus the Messiah”. (This has to be a divine utterance of the Holy Spirit!) Halid remembers, “As soon as I heard this, I knew it was true and that God was telling me I must follow Jesus. He was showing me that He is always waiting to take my hand, even when I pull away. I see now that I have always needed Him and even when I push Him away He stays right by my side. I don’t understand this kind of love but I know I need it and I like it.” Halid started reading the Bible and is sharing this good news in his community.

PRAY: Give thanks to the Lord for answering prayers and revealing Himself to Muslims. Pray that Jesus would continue to reveal Himself to the Hui people in supernatural ways. (Joel 2:28). Pray for Hui already following Jesus to mature spiritually and have boldness to share Jesus with their family and friends. (Ephesians 6:18-20).

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