Ramadan 27

One mountain valley in northwest Pakistan, called Chitral, is also known as an ‘Eldorado for linguists’ as almost a dozen languages are spoken there! Khowar or ‘language of the Kho’ is the major language with approximately 300,000 speakers. Great need exists in the valley of Chitral, and so some men live and work as migrant workers in oil-rich Gulf States and send their money home. The Bible has not yet been translated into Khowar.

PRAY: Pray for God to reveal Jesus to the people of the Chitral valley in dreams and visions. (Joel 2:28). Pray for God’s protection of the valley against attacks by militant extremists. (Psalm 121:1-2). Pray also that God would send workers to translate the Scriptures into Khowar, and that more local and expatriate believers would be willing to work in Chitral. (John 3:34).

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