Reaching out to the depressed in Iran

The stresses and pressures of life have caused an epidemic of depression. Nobody knows the exact figures. Some reports say it is up to 20% of the populations, and others say over 70% of young people, especially girls, are most affected.

There is no shortage of experts suggesting reasons: unemployment, drugs, long working hours, family stress, intrusive religious policies, and discriminatory legislation. The list is endless. But there is a desperate shortage of answers. Many sufferers turn to anti-depressants.

Though tragic, this situation has meant that many are searching for happiness and that attracts them to Christianity. Often the first thing Muslim enquiries notice when they visit Christian meetings is the joy and exuberance in worship.

House church leaders dealing with Christians suffering from depression need special wisdom and training.

Pray for:

  • the chronically depressed, that they find peace
  • Christians to be equipped to minister to the depressed
  • all who care for the depressed – families, doctors and nurses


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